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Double-sided plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
There are often customers will be asked during selling plastic tray, Plastic collapsible crateis to choose the single or double! Actually Plastic collapsible cratesetting single is to late for different use, and can't separate say which one is good, can only say that which one suits you choose. Today we have to understand the simple double-sided plastic tray.
double tray refers to the structure on both sides of the same tray, the surface has two kinds of grid plate peace, both sides can exchange use, depending on the bearing capacity and using occasion are divided into shelves series and series two kinds of standard. To cover an area of an area small automatic three-dimensional library or a high shelf, mainly stacker or electric lift trucks in the vertical transport of occasions, one shelf series tray and double shelves series tray can choose. For covering an area of big and predominantly horizontal transportation situation, if use manual hydraulic pallet truck carrying suited to choose single pallets. Stacking goods, if necessary to the bottom of the tray above and below the goods collocated, with double tray type or field words at the end of the single tray is better. If use for motor pallet truck carrying the optimum.

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