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Dry goods: Double 11 feast 48 hours | Standardized product management, of course, standard plastic turnover box professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
Double 11 feast 48 hours | Standard plastic turnover box for standardized management of store products, reasonable and standardized product management, protect products from damage, save transportation turnover process, reduce company operating costs, and achieve work efficiency with half the effort. Double 11 shopping festival, keywords buy, buy, buy. Almost every year, at the minute before the zero o'clock on November 11, almost 4/5 of the users hold the mouse and do nothing. They only look at the computer screen, waiting for the arrival of zero. At the same time, the customer service and operations of Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, and even JD.com and Vipshop are also staring at the computer screen intently at this moment, looking forward to this moment. So, as a manager of a store or manufacturer, how to manage goods in a reasonable and standardized manner in the face of so many purchase orders? Especially in the 48 hours after the order is placed, how do these products enter the next circulation link and reach the customers? According to previous statistics, it is no exaggeration to say that in the 48 hours before and after the Double 11 banquet, almost all the major operators, the elderly, the sick and the disabled, worked overtime. Deliver to customers on time. However, even if the various jobs of major operators have been so painstaking, and they will still receive various negative reviews, and some even completely avoidable non-quality damage problems, why is this? Excluding the uncontrollable logistics, transportation and circulation links, can we protect the products from damage while the products are still in the hands of the operators? The answer is of course yes. If, as an online transaction operator, how to ensure that the goods leave the operation department or the storage department in good condition, then this operator will be an unqualified operator. So, how to ensure that the product leaves the operation department safe and sound? First of all, in addition to standardized logistics packaging, one thing that needs to be noted here is that the goods are not damaged during the product screening and packaging process in the circulation link of the operation department. Here, Miss Wen strongly suggests that Qusheng Co., Ltd. can be used in this link. . Qusheng plastic box standardized plastic crates, pppe brand new high-impact modified production material, low price, good quality, light weight, impact resistance, waterproof, mildew, waterproof and other characteristics, regardless of cosmetics, clothing, clothing, light industry, electronic components, automobiles Accessories, fresh cold chain, can be applied. To protect the product selection process from damage, certain Qusheng plastic box standardized plastic turnover boxes, 1200*500*280 specification standard plastic turnover boxes, can be applied to large-scale product merchants and manufacturers such as fresh fruit durian and seafood; 510, 560, 580 series Ordinary plastic turnover boxes can be applied to clothing, shoes, hats and leather light products merchants and manufacturers; EU and Korean plastic turnover boxes such as 4322, 6428, S504, 806 can be used to auto parts or electronic component manufacturers and merchants. Qusheng Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on plastic products, mass production and development of various plastic turnover boxes, square plates, dashboards, plastic pallets, hoarding boxes, etc. The company has a registered capital of 20 million and annual sales of more than 80 million. The company has more than 2,000 customers, including large-scale logistics and distribution companies, automobile manufacturers, electronic equipment manufacturers, clothing, shoes and hat manufacturers, fruit fresh cold chain and other customer groups. Good products and good quality are trustworthy. Qusheng Co., Ltd. http//:www.szxunsheng.com Address: Qusheng Turnover Box, No. 252, Xinhua Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City-Good quality is worth buying!
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