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Environmental pollution treatment of tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
With the development of global economy, global usage of plastic pallet will also increase obviously, at present, the global plastic production has more than 200 million tons, the demand of our country plastic years are close to 5 million tons, which can be used in plastic pallet material is about 30% of the world. And is expected to double, and plastic products have a certain life and cannot be repaired, inappropriate use of the service life of Plastic collapsible crateMay 1 a 3 months, up to 3, 4 years, then become a waste, as part of the urban solid waste, or become ubiquitous plastic garbage, all bring bad effects to the environment. Now pay attention to the sustainable development of economic development, the green economy, but for these solid waste tray. Facing tray will bring environmental impact. How should we control Plastic collapsible crateof pollution to the environment?
to prevention and control of environmental pollution by waste plastic tray, safeguard human health and promote the development of socialist modernization construction, the product shall adopt are easy to be recycled or treated, or easy to dissolve or be absorbed in the environment of plastic tray. Product producers, sellers and users should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state of the product can be recycled plastic pallets and containers for recycling. Abandoned plastic tray is supposed to the provisions of the reasonable disposition, according to the method, therefore, the problem of the plastic bag environment harmless ', from now on, shall cause plastic Plastic collapsible crateproduction, sales, use the department's attention.
the earth is home to all of us live together, in this big home, all of us to work together to maintain a good home. In development at the same time, imagine the great mother for remember to protect the mother's face, and to ensure the sustainable development of people. On the one hand, environmental pollution and ecological destruction, on the other hand it is also the loss of the limited resources and waste. Due to the growing development of the plastic production and applications of plastic tray, and so the plastic waste plastic tray, the phenomenon of environmental is also growing, therefore, clamor for plastic plastic tray is harmless to the environment of increasingly high.

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