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Every type plastic pallet prices of different resolution

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
reflect in the use of convenience, the first point, security, quality is relatively soft, not damage to the goods, 1 artificial handling enough, will not lead to inductrial injury accident; Second, bearing, high strength weighed within the scope of the load even damp environment does not affect the load; Third, no maintenance, easy to clean. Fourth, strong ability to adapt, even in the chemical industry under the environment of high temperature or cold, still normal use, the several advantages to the plastic pallet in the use of convenience.

in the grid plastic tray on market can be divided into nine feet grid plastic tray, double mesh grid plastic tray plastic tray hotan word. Different types of grid Plastic collapsible crateprice is also different. Compared with the field word grid plastic tray, nine feet grid plastic pallet prices cheaper

grid plastic tray price is mainly affected by the pallet itself attribute. Such as bearing, raw materials for the plastic tray, size, etc. The same type of grid plastic tray, tray bearing performance is higher, the grid plastic tray price will be higher. The pallet size, the greater the use of raw material will increase, the rise in the cost of a single pallet, the corresponding price will be too expensive.
affect grid plastic tray price is one of the important factors of raw materials, plastic tray that is why many customers not distinguish. raw materials into new materials and recycling materials, new material is higher than recycle material Plastic collapsible cratebearing performance, and long service life, so the new grid plastic tray than recycling material price is high. Many businesses use recycle material on market, shoddy, low bid, to attract customers, to gain profit. You must notice when choosing grid plastic tray, don't figure because it is cheap, and buy inferior plastic tray.
compared with grid plastic tray, flat plastic tray its surface is flat, force uniform, not restrict bad packing, the goods have very good protection effect, and is not easy to accumulate dust, convenient to clean. Flat plane plastic tray with vent holes, has good air permeability, moisture effect is remarkable. Flat plastic tray can also built-in steel tube, four-way fork, fork truck, cattle, electric stacker, stacker all can use.

whether grid plastic tray or plate plastic tray, all have their own characteristics and advantages. When choosing plastic pallet, the goods can be combined with industry characteristics, and the characteristics of the plastic tray, choose the more suitable for plastic tray, create greater value for customers.

which is a type of plastic pallet is more durable? Durable plastic tray first need to have the several aspects.

thickness on the surface of the plastic tray, the thicker the thickness of surface, the tray more strong more stable, more durable;

the weight of the plastic tray, are too lightweight plastic tray is not durable, the heavier the more strong;
to choose plastic tray does not choose no flexibility also is hard, this kind of tray has been aging, easy to appear in using fracture, should choose to have a certain flexibility.

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