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Five things to pay attention to in transportation of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-02-24
With the development of the plastic industry, plastic turnover boxes have become an important part of the transportation of goods. However, plastic turnover boxes need to pay attention to five major issues in transportation. Then, what are these five major considerations?   1. Must comply with the requirements for the stowage of turnover boxes. For example, the quantity and weight of each plastic container in the same shipment must be the same, not more or less. Different consignees and different goods cannot be mixed on one turnover box. The surface of the turnover box should be all loaded with goods, the stacks should be placed flat, all four sides should be placed flat, the four corners should be 90 degrees, and the top should be level. In addition to the head mark on the original packaging, the gross weight, destination port, number of turnover boxes and number signs of the turnover box cargo must be brushed on both sides where the fork arms of the turnover box forklift are inserted, and the carrying weight of each plastic crates Must not exceed the specified maximum gross weight.  2. The freight charges for the turnover containerized goods are calculated based on the gross weight and volume of the turnover box after loading, minus the turnover box weight and the turnover box height, that is, the turnover box itself is free of freight.  3. There are certain restrictions on the scope of loading turnover box goods. Not all goods can be transported in turnover box. Goods suitable for transportation in turnover boxes are limited to packaged miscellaneous goods. Bulk, naked, overweight, long or refrigerated goods cannot be transported as turnover boxes. Two types of dangerous goods with different performances must not be packed on the same container as a container for freight.  4. Each plastic crates must be firmly tied up, with sufficient strength and stable balance, to withstand general marine risks, withstand loading and unloading operations and movements, and withstand certain pressure on it.   5. When the goods are transported in plastic crates, the 'transportation of crates' must be indicated on all transport documents. To sum up, the transportation of plastic crates must not be sloppy, and the transportation of goods can be smooth and safe if they are done well.
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