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Flour special plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Plastic pallet logistics warehousing system in all walks of life are very important, as a populous country and international agricultural country, the use amount of flour and traffic volume is very large. Flour special Plastic collapsible cratein flour industry has played a huge profits, effectively reduce the flour transport costs.

special flour the advantage of a wooden tray plastic tray:

1, flour, special plastic tray environmental health, technology, the traditional wooden tray has simple manufacture, low capital, but the use of life is short, not health;
2, plastic tray machine together the turnover of the truck, the structure can achieve four to fork, and traditional wooden craft tray can realize two-way into fork, turnover sensitive than plastic tray;
3, in the stack storage flour, plastic tray not only have the effect of moisture, and not easy to appear wooden tray bug eat by moth, nail, etc.

flour special plastic pallet common specifications for: double structure, size is 1300 * 1100 or 1400 * 1200. So much the size of the common general flour bags, special plastic pallet dimensions of each layer can be 5 bags of flour, highest can put 8 layers. Forklift use common machine, double-sided plastic pallet can use double stacking structure, throttling area, progress rate of storage use.

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