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Folding turnover box manufacturers introduce to everyone the plastic floor board

by:Qusheng     2021-03-05
Folding turnover box manufacturers will introduce plastic floor slabs to everyone. Plastic floor slabs are a new product in the plastics industry and are widely used. However, the maintenance of plastic floor slabs is also a science. Then, how should we maintain it when we use it? 1. In the process of using plastic floor slabs for hydraulic trucks and forklifts, the spacing between the fork teeth should be as wide as possible to the outer edge of the fork inlet of the floor slab, and the fork entry depth should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the entire floor slab.   2. When hydraulic trucks and forklifts use the floor slab movement, they should keep advancing and retreating and up and down at a constant speed to prevent sudden brakes and sudden rotations from causing damage to the plastic floor slabs and product collapse.   3. When racking on the floor, the floor should be placed steadily on the rack beam, and the length of the floor should be greater than the outer diameter of the rack beam by more than 50mm. 4. Single-sided plastic floor slabs can only be used on one side. The exterior has two types: grid-shaped and flat-shaped, and the bottom has a shape of Sichuan, Tian and nine feet.   5. The double-sided plastic floor board refers to the same layout of the front and back of the floor board. There are two types of grid and flat surfaces, and the two sides can be used interchangeably. The choice of single-sided floor board or double-sided floor board should be determined according to the corresponding storage, loading and unloading equipment and conditions (such as warehouse type, shelf type, stacking or placement status, etc.).   6. The dynamic load refers to the maximum component that the floor slab can carry in motion when using a motorized forklift or a manual hydraulic floor slab transfer vehicle (the curvature is within 1.5% is normal).   7. Static load refers to the maximum weight that the bottom plastic floor slab can accept in the stacking.   8. The shelf load refers to the maximum weight that can be accepted when the plastic floor board with the goods is placed on the shelf (the curvature is within 1% is normal). Normally, the standard series of floor slabs can bear a load of 0.4T~0.6T when the shelf is loaded, and the heavy-duty series of floor slabs can bear a load of 0.7T~1T. In summary, the use of plastic floor slabs must be carried out in a regular manner, so that it can be used for a long time.
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