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Folding turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
Folding turnover box is a kind of plastic logistics box, which is made of PP (polypropylene) material with high impact strength. The box has reasonable design, high quality, convenient turnover, neat stacking, and easy management. It is widely used in transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other links in factory logistics. In 2013, under the guidance of China Tobacco Commercial Logistics Co., Ltd., Yunnan Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) began to explore the application of soft plastic turnover boxes in cigarette logistics and distribution. The flexible plastic turnover box is about 50 cm long, 40 cm high, and 30 cm wide. It can be folded and packs 25 cigarettes at a time. In the past three years, Dali Prefecture Bureau (Company) has put into use 30460 soft plastic turnover boxes. As of June this year, the soft plastic turnover box put into use by the state bureau (company) has averaged 173 times of use, and the maximum number of uses has reached 223; compared with the traditional heat shrinkable film packaging method, a total of cumulative reductions in packaging Expenses were 1.8182 million yuan, a decrease of 48.07%, and the average annual savings in packaging expenses was 606,100 yuan. In addition, the soft plastic crates can also post RFID electronic tags to associate logistics information with the turnover box, completing the closed-loop management of 'procurement and storage-sorting-out-distribution-recyclingThe whole life cycle management of Hesoft plastic turnover box provides strong support.
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