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Food plastic tray manufacturers explain polyurethane composite materials

by:Qusheng     2021-06-12

  Food plastic tray manufacturers tell you that fiber reinforced polyurethane composite materials are widely used in the market. It is based on polyurethane resin and becomes a new material with excellent performance through fiber reinforced composite. The main molding processes are: molding, winding, and pultrusion.

  Food Plastic collapsible cratemanufacturers tell you that the materials used in general plastic trays are pultruded composite materials. The specific process is that the polyurethane resin is injected into the injection mold through the injection machine, and the reinforced fiber is impregnated with the resin matrix through the injection mold under the pulling force of the tractor. Then through the forming mold, a series of curing reactions such as gelation, curing and demolding occur in the mold when heated, and the composite material profile with the same shape as the mold cavity is obtained, and the composite material product is obtained after assembly.

   Food Plastic collapsible cratemanufacturers introduce the excellent characteristics of pultruded profiles. Most of the fibers of pultruded polyurethane composites are unidirectional, and the fiber content can be as high as 80%. Therefore, the material has higher strength, and at the same time, due to the unidirectionality of the fiber, the isotropy of the material is poor, and the directionality of the material is obvious. Because composite materials are designable materials, they can have many benefits and advantages. Through structural design, the high-strength side can be used to achieve the best performance with the least amount of materials.

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