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For material turnover, choose Suzhou Qusheng plastic turnover box to be waterproof and less troublesome! no.1 plastic turnover box, logistics box, plastic box, fast

by:Qusheng     2021-03-01
Ms. Wen often receives such complaints these days, how can we prevent the materials from getting damp and mould in sleet weather? It is true that in a city with a humid climate and plenty of rain, it is a little abnormal if there are only a few continuous mild rains every month. It is indeed that Suzhou’s four distinct seasons and developed transportation have attracted investors from all over the world. The establishment of a factory in Suzhou for production has brought earth-shaking changes to the lives of Suzhou people. Of course, such rainy weather is not liked by all Suzhou people. For example, some materials that require a relatively high dry environment are very susceptible to damp or mold at this time. What should I do if I encounter this problem? The editor here visited some food factories and electronic hardware manufacturers and learned two solutions. One is to control the dryness of the environment as much as possible, such as increasing the foundation of the factory to prevent rainwater from flowing back, or to waterproof and moisture-proof through the management and control of employees and operations Anti-mold and other requirements to achieve the protection of materials and products. However, because the above methods can not achieve complete control of the product’s waterproof, mildew and moisture resistance, plastic turnover boxes are needed at this time, because of the waterproof and mildew resistance and moisture resistance of the raw materials of the plastic box plus plastic The box can also be designed with a dust-proof cover, which can be used in combination with a waterproof membrane to achieve complete waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof effects. It is very popular with Suzhou enterprises. Qusheng plastic box plastic is a leader in the plastic crates industry. Since the establishment of the factory in 2012, it has reached cooperation with BMW, Volkswagen, Honda, Tmall, Jingdong and other industries to transport all kinds of plastic turnover boxes. More than 10, deeply loved by the majority of users.
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