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by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
The previous article wrote about the relationship between plastic crates and new energy vehicles. Now I will analyze the relationship between crates and assembly lines. What is the relationship between plastic boxes and assembly lines? The correlation is very large, so as long as it is something flowing on the assembly line, whether it is a product or a spare part, it can be used within the specifications of the box. In the previous article, I briefly talked about the role of the turnover box for the protection and turnover of the assembly line and the screw and nut of the assembly line. Today we will analyze in detail what kind of protection the plastic box does to the assembly line. First of all, we all know that the assembly line uses this kind of nylon product with a smooth surface, but because of the uninterrupted production operation and operation, it is easy to wear, especially the relatively sharp things, and it is easy to scratch or scratch the surface of the assembly line. This is very The need is applied to the plastic box. Because the plastic box has a thick wall and a flat bottom, it can well protect the operation of the assembly line. This is one of them. Second, it can also play a role in protecting products from damage. For example, some more sophisticated or expensive products, if they are directly placed on the assembly line, in addition to easily scratching the assembly line, the damage to the product in this province is also very large. In this process, plastic boxes are also used, and this problem is solved. The relationship between the assembly line and the plastic box is written here. For more information about the turnover box, please click Qusheng Co., Ltd., the plastic box manufacturer, to professionally answer all your questions about the plastic box.
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