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Forklift truck tray, plastic tray, plastic board, plastic to counter what is the difference between each?

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
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plastic tray ( English name: Plastic Pallet) Plastic pallet, plastic board, plastic bedplate, forklift pallet, what is the difference between blow molding tray?

some also calls the forklift plate, not only for machinery forklift truck tray plastic tray, manual hydraulic forklift, forklift pallet shelves, great car tray sichuan words forklift pallet, moistureproof forklift pallet, as well as warehouse turnover with forklift plastic trays, plastic plate, or the most popular of the structure of the hollow blow molding forklift pallet.

in fact, the tray ( 托盘) Is refers to the same used in warehousing, logistics, transport of goods turnover of a tool, the purpose of the exact definition is: used for container, stacking, handling and transportation of place as a unit load of goods and products level platform device.

as a container equipment similar to that of the container, pallet has been widely applied in areas such as production, transportation, warehousing and distribution, is considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century. Tray as important in the process of logistics operation of loading and unloading, storage and transportation equipment, with a forklift in modern logistics plays a huge role.

it in tobacco, food, tobacco, medicine, papermaking, hotels, beverages, printing, electronic appliances, hardware accessories, dairy industry, chemical industry, clothing, textile, frozen storage, warehousing logistics, and other areas of the more than 3200 industry application is very broad. Main type

1, injection plastic pallet forklift; Injection molding plastic pallet, it is thermoplastic injection molding is to molten plastic materials, then injected into membrane cavity. Once the molten plastic into the mold, it is set according to the sample molding cavity with a certain shape ( Main specifications: tian grid, sichuan words grid, grid nine feet, nine feet flat, seven Angle plate, nine feet of mesh, double-sided grid, double-sided welding, built-in steel tube series Plastic collapsible crateproducts) 。

forklift pallet illustration
2, blow molding plastic pallet forklift; Hollow blowing a whole extrusion molding, uniform molecular weight distribution, load structure is reasonable, the design is suitable for all kinds of forklift use socket ( Blow molding forklift pallet basic respectively have flat nine foot type and double tray) 。

3, wooden pallet forklift; Wooden pallets to log for the material, drying stereotypes processing, reduce moisture, eliminate internal stress, then cutting, shaving, beheaded, suction side, such as sanding finishing processing and form shaped plates, nail (with resistance function is Special structure of nut) Binding into intermediate tray will be shaped plates, the final finishing, anti-skid treatment and sealing wax treatment ( Similar to injection molding tray type, can also be customized of sichuan, tian words, nine feet, double side and other types of products) 。

4, squeeze film forklift pallet.

1, 1008 is a class; 2, 1010 series; 3, 1111 series; 4, 1208 series;

5, 1210 series; 6, 1212 series; 7, 1311 series; 8, 1411 series;

9, 1412 series; 10, 1515 series; 11, 1614 series; 12, 1211 series.

1, injection plastic tray: material for high density low pressure polyethylene HDPE or two kinds of PP. ( In blue is given priority to, can make to order other color) , and into the fork, suitable to the ground, stacking, storage shelves, turnover use.

2, blow molding tray: using high molecular weight high density polyethylene ( HMWHDPE) The application of pallet is more.

3, wooden pallets, wooden pallets, 木托盘) With natural wood as raw material to manufacture the pallet, although application flexibility is bigger, but the loss is big, accounting for space, insufficient place is too heavy, prone to black mildew, insects, need artificial refurbished maintenance.

1, hydraulic car, and forklift in the process of using tray, the distance between the fork sting should be extended to the tray into the fork outside, into the depth of the fork should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the tray.

2, hydraulic car and forklift in the process of using the tray, should maintain a uniform speed in a and up and down, avoid sudden brake, turn lead to tray is damaged, causing the collapse.

3, tray on the shelf, should maintain a tray in shangdi smooth shelf beams placed, tray length should be greater than the shelf beam diameter of 50 mm and above. Cold storage medium or high strength when using the environment suitable for choose what kind of plastic tray?

plus or minus 40 ℃, can't use this kind of material made of polypropylene pp can't resistance to low temperature. If you need in the cold storage tray on the shelf, had better choose double tray goods not so heavy can choose fields or sichuan words tray. Other: used in low temperature environment, practice proves that the modified polypropylene can fully competent. Modified polypropylene as the high temperature of polyethylene and polypropylene incomplete product.

it takes note of polyethylene willfulness, resistant to low temperature of polypropylene, stable physical properties, resistance to abrasion resistance to fall off. Large chemical companies, such as low temperature cold storage environment generally recommended to use this kind of material. Can use low-voltage high-density polyethylene production of plastic tray, pure raw material to produce the plastic tray can tolerate minus 30 - 47 ℃ low temperature operation for a long time.
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