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Four kinds of plastic pallet cargo stowage way above

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
Reasonable way of palletizing can ensure uniform stress distribution of plastic tray, prolong service life, better ensure the safety of operation, at the same time the goods stable. Plastic pallet manufacturers today about the four common way of combination stacking goods for your reference. Main means combination stacking are superimposed, crisscross type, positive and negative cross type and rotational crisscross pattern to wait for a few kinds.

superimposed means the each layer tray goods packed in the same way, and relatively completely, the phenomenon of alternating won't occur between each layer. This way of palletizing practices of the method is simple, operation speed, and packaging of the four corners and edges and overlap vertically, carrying capacity is big, can bear larger load. At the same time under the condition of the cargo body bottom area is larger, can ensure adequate stability. The shortcoming of this approach is simply between all levels, lack of occlusion, in the case of cargo body bottom area is not large, stability is not enough, prone to collapse the crib.

crisscrossed type crisscrossed type refers to the adjacent between two layers of goods put a rotation Angle, the layer into horizontally placed, another layer into vertical placed, crisscross stacking between the layers. This way interlayer occlusion effect to a certain extent, but the occlusion strength is not high. Superimposed and crisscrossed type plate is suitable for automatic operation. If match with tray redirector, after loading a layer, using the steering gear rotate 90 degrees, so as long as in the same plate way can realize interlocking plate, the intensity of labor and overlap the same way. And reverse staggered type

and staggered type refers to the same layer, the goods are of different column vertical pieces at 90 degrees, the adjacent two layers of goods packed form is the form of another layer of rotating 180 degrees. This way bite high strength between different layers, not heavy joint between adjacent layers, thus, shelved after stability is very high, but the operation is more trouble, and not vertical plane under each load between the packing body, so the lower cargo body easy to crush. Rotate staggered type

staggered type refers to the first layer adjacent both packing body into 90 degrees, pattern and difference between two layers of 180 degrees. Such adjacent between two layers of cross bite, pallet stability is high, it is not easy to collapse crib, but the difficulty is bigger, pattern and the formation of hollow in the middle, will reduce the pallet load capacity.

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