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Fresh O2O brings new challenges to plastic logistics boxes, logistics turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-03-04
In 2015, O2O in the fresh food industry, as an industry in the forefront, is in full swing. Internet giants such as BAT and JD.com, as small as cooperatives and farmers, have all made efforts to seize market share. However, the supply of fresh melons and fruits, vegetables, meat products, poultry and eggs, and quick-frozen food all need cold chain protection. The break of a certain link of the cold chain will affect the quality of products, and then affect people's quality of life and health. A good logistics company must have high-quality logistics boxes, such as plastic folding boxes, plastic logistics boxes, folding logistics boxes and other turnover box equipment. Most of the fresh products need to be refrigerated, so their logistics circulation cycle must be very short to save costs; fresh products have a short shelf life, and customers have high requirements for their color and luster, so they need to quickly circulate in the logistics process. The two evaluation criteria in the fresh food distribution center can be summarized as 'fast' and 'accurate'. At the same time, fresh food logistics puts forward higher requirements on logistics turnover equipment. As fresh fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and meat are of high quality, in addition to the requirements of safety, hygiene and low temperature, the logistics box equipment also has requirements for the antibacterial and tasteless quality of the turnover box equipment. Experts remind that in the fresh food logistics era, opportunities and challenges coexist. Logistics suppliers must carefully choose when choosing turnover boxes and other turnover equipment. In addition to being fast, they must also ensure that every aspect of fresh food transportation is safe and reliable. Fushida is a professional plastic processing enterprise with nearly 50 years in Shanghai and a reliable professional manufacturer of logistics turnover boxes.
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