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Gengzhi Plastic Box Manufacturing Factory bluntly talks about the purchase of oblique plug-in turnover boxes. Professional plastic turnover box manufacturers

by:Qusheng     2021-03-01
Inclined plastic crates, a plastic crates made of PP material and PE material. Its performance is acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, moisture proof, waterproof and easy to clean. It is often suitable for logistics distribution and storage of goods. So, what are the precautions for purchasing diagonal turnover boxes? First of all, when purchasing an oblique plug-in turnover box, you must first understand that the specifications of the oblique plug-in turnover box already bear the weight and the load-bearing capacity of the stack is to be lost. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of the oblique plug-in turnover box is determined according to the specifications. It should be noted that the stacking layer height and the load-bearing capacity of a single box are inversely proportional. The greater the load-bearing capacity of a single box, the lower the stacking layer height. Generally speaking, the total weight of the stack is basically no more than 150KG, which can increase the service life of the box. How to choose the oblique plug-in turnover box, Wen Ya sort out some points for attention. 1. First, according to the use environment, you can choose oil-resistant boxes or dust-proof diagonal turnover boxes with lids. SI tightness and AN are relatively strong, and they are mainly suitable for tobacco, postal, pharmaceutical or chain material distribution industries. . 2. More practical. For fruits, vegetables or workstation configuration, you can choose the turnover box or turnover basket without cover. The editor here recommends the diagonal insertion turnover box | The main reason for the basket is convenient storage, and can be used when it is empty. Insert each other neatly and stack to reduce space usage area and transportation cost. 3. When buying an oblique plug-in turnover box, be sure to look at the color and smell the taste, the color distribution is uneven, the color difference is relatively large, the color of the box is dull, and the taste is definitely not made of pure raw materials . The above are a few precautions for purchasing diagonal turnover boxes. The editor has compiled it here for everyone. If there are other precautions, you can leave a message and contact the editor. The editor here recommends Qusheng Co., Ltd., Qusheng Co., Ltd. produces a large number of various plastic turnover boxes, which are directly supplied by the manufacturers and are of high quality. They can also be customized for inclined plug-in turnover boxes. Qusheng Technology Co., Ltd. 252 Xinhua Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City
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