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Goodbye 2018, Suzhou Qusheng Plastic Turnover Box 2019 New Regulations Professional Manufacturer of Plastic Turnover Box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
After a relaxing two-day holiday of December 31, 2018 and New Year's Day, 2019 January 1, Qusheng plastic box ushered in a new day of work. On this day, the employees of various departments of the company stepped into their respective jobs with nostalgia for the holiday and full of enthusiasm. Qusheng plastic box plastic received an order for 800 folding boxes from Xi'an *Tai Logistics Company on New Year's Day. Xi'an * Tai Logistics Company is a large-scale enterprise focusing on international logistics and transportation. Its business scope mainly involves auto parts and hardware. It is a logistics enterprise with good development momentum in Xi'an in the past two years. In December 2018, the leader of *Tai Logistics Company visited Qusheng plastic box Qusheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. and visited the Qusheng plastic box plastic plastic crates manufacturing workshop. At a glance, he saw the Suzhou Qusheng plastic box folding turnover box, and even reached a preliminary cooperation. Agreement to order 800 folding box products. Qusheng plastic box plastic is made of pure new Sinopec PP raw materials. It does not add back materials and has guaranteed quality. It is a good product for logistics, packaging, transportation, turnover, and storage turnover boxes. This is the leader of the *tai logistics company visiting Qusheng box production The workshop gave Qusheng plastic box a fair evaluation, which is also the corporate culture that Qusheng plastic box has been adhering to since its construction. Qusheng plastic box plastics, focus on plastic box products manufacturers, high quality can not be trusted, your plastic box application is a good choice.
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