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Henan plastic tray four factors can avoid weld marks affect the quality of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
Four factors can avoid weld marks affect the quality of plastic turnover box on the surface of plastic products of plastic parts, such as plastic turnover box usually present condition, this is the mold in the process of injection molding, extrusion or a few strands of fluid diversion and convergence, therefore the molten material incomplete fusion on interfaces. This tag is called weld mark. Trace solution not only affect the appearance of the plastic turnover box, would also reduce the mechanical properties and influence the quality of the finished product. cnpalletbox。 Com Plastic collapsible crateso how in the process of processing plastic turnover box to avoid the weld mark? We can to avoid it from the following four aspects: mould, equipment, raw materials and process. 1. The mold. It is necessary to adjust the mold temperature and improve the mold temperature when temperature is too low; Adjust the width of the channel. When the channel is small or too narrow, we can increase the size of the channel to improve the efficiency of the channel. When the gate location is not consistent, we can reduce or extend gate part to change the gate location. When the venting is not good, can achieve smooth exhaust through the exhaust pipe expansion. cnpalletbox。 Com plastic tray 2. Equipment. When in the process of turnover box production plasticizing bad or uneven temperature, may be extended by molding cycle to ensure that the plasticizing process is completed, or even when necessary to replace with greater capacity of the machine. 3. The raw material. In order to ensure that raw material is dry, avoid liquid additives. For some illiquid or higher sensitivity of plastic, can be appropriate to add some lubricant or stabilizers to improve its performance. cnpalletbox。 Com Plastic collapsible crate4. Technology. In the processing of plastic turnover box, should increase injection pressure and injection time as much as possible. Especially should pay attention to adjust the injection speed. Once the speed is too high, molten material will come in the absence of cooling intersection, so we need to adjust in real time. In addition, we should use less as far as possible release agent, or the flow of materials can be very difficult. These measures is to prevent the weld mark plastic parts, effectively avoid the weld mark appeared in the process of actual operation, and ensure the production of plastic turnover box machinery quality! The above is cnpalletbox. Com Plastic collapsible cratefactory to sort out relevant information, hope to be of help.
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