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Hollow board burns to determine the ingredients inside

by:Qusheng     2021-06-11

In ancient times, when people saw a doctor, they were always inquisitive. Now we can also look and smell the hollow board. To determine. Today, Qu Sheng Plastics will introduce you to the smell to determine the inner composition of the hollow board.

To use smell to determine the ingredients inside, it is natural to ignite the hollow board so that the smell can be smelled in the nose.

Now, let’s simply popularize the odor of the hollow board after burning.

1. After burning, there is a pungent smell of hydrochloric acid gas, which contains polyvinyl chloride plastic;

2. The smell of paraffin contains polyethylene plastic;

3. The smell of petroleum is polypropylene plastic;

4 .The flames are orange-yellow with black smoke, black charcoal flying into the air, and the smell of styrene-polystyrene plastic;

There are more ways to determine the composition of the hollow board, and you want to improve To understand, you can log on to our company's website www.cnpalletbox.com

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