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Hollow board comprehensive classification

by:Qusheng     2021-06-16

All-round classification of hollow panels

Hollow panels are plastic molded products, which have the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, environmental protection, corrosion-resistant, reusable, and good load-bearing. It can be made into plates of different sizes, sizes, colors, thicknesses, and weights. It can also be processed into finished products of various knife cards and turnover boxes. There are many types of hollow plates. The following is a full description of the hollow plate classification. I hope everyone can use it. Have a comprehensive understanding of the classification of hollow boards.

1. Classification by gram weight:

1, 2MM/square weight in 300-350 grams

2, 3MM/square weight in 450-500 Gram

3,4MM/square weight in 500-700 grams

4, 5MM/square weight in 750-900 grams

5, 6MM/square weight In 900-1050 grams

6,7MM/square weight in 1050-1500 grams

Second, classified by thickness:

1, 2MM thick hollow board

2, 3MM thick hollow sheet

3, 4MM thick hollow sheet

4, 5MM thick hollow sheet

5, 6MM thick Hollow board

6, 7MM thick hollow board

3. Classification by color:

1. Black is generally an anti-static hollow board material.

2. White is generally a new hollow board material.

3, red, yellow, blue, etc. are transparent and good hollow board materials.

Four. Classification by material:

1. Common materials of PE and PP panels

2. Flame-retardant hollow panels

3. Conductive hollow board

4. Anti-static hollow board

Five. Classified by product:

1. Hollow board box (skeleton box, folding box , Carton type box)

2, hollow board box

3, hollow board knife card/block (normal knife card, conjoined knife card, coated knife card)


4. Hollow board partition/backing board (usually will add hands)

5, hollow board box + hollow board knife card

6, hollow board box + EPE inner material

7, hollow board box + EVA inner material

8, hollow board hoarding box

9, hollow board turnover

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