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Hollow board manufacturers reveal the advantages of plastic hollow board

by:Qusheng     2021-06-16

Hollow board manufacturers reveal the advantages of plastic hollow board

1. Stable chemical properties

Plastic hollow board can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, fumigation-free and cardboard , Compared with wood board, it has obvious advantages.

Second, excellent heat insulation and sound insulation

Due to the hollow structure of the plastic hollow board, its heat and sound transmission effect is significantly lower than that of the solid board , It has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect.

Three, has anti-static, conductive, flame-retardant functions

The use of modification, mixing, surface spraying and other methods can make the plastic hollow board anti-static , Electrical conductivity, or flame retardant properties.

Four. Hollow board has good mechanical properties

The special structure of plastic hollow board makes it have good toughness, impact resistance and high compressive strength , Buffer and shockproof, high stiffness, good bending performance and other excellent mechanical properties.

V. Lightweight and low-cost materials

Plastic hollow boards have excellent mechanical properties and achieve the same effect year-on-year. The use of plastic hollow boards has less consumables and low cost , Lightweight.

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