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Hollow board new material vs. old material

by:Qusheng     2021-06-11

New materials for hollow panels compared to old materials

As you all know, the raw materials of hollow panels are mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other materials, so what is the difference between the performance of hollow panel waste regeneration and new materials What? The discoloration is more obvious after regeneration, and it will be light brown after being regenerated and extruded once, and it will almost become opaque brown after three times. The specific viscosity does not change at the second time, and tends to decrease after more than two times. Regardless of whether it is hard or soft polyvinyl chloride, stabilizers should be added during regeneration. In order to make the re-products shiny, 1% to 3% of ABS for blending can be added during regeneration.

The performance of polyethylene is reduced after regeneration, and the color turns yellow. After multiple extrusions, the viscosity of high-density polyethylene decreases, and the viscosity of low-density polyethylene increases.

In one regeneration, the color is almost unchanged and the melt index rises. The color aggravated more than twice, and the melt index still increased. After regeneration, the breaking strength and elongation have decreased, but there is no problem in use.

Polystyrene: The color turns yellow after regeneration, so the recycled polystyrene is generally colored. The degradation of the properties of recycled materials is directly proportional to the number of regenerations. There is no significant change in the breaking strength when the blending amount is less than 60%, and the limiting viscosity is not significantly changed when the blending amount is less than 40%.

Whether customers choose recycled materials or new materials depends on their own requirements and cost-effectiveness. Qusheng Plastics is an enterprise mainly engaged in hollow board, welcome to inquire.

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