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Hot summer we should use plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
is due to plastic products, as you all know, plastic products in the case of high temperature, sun, will change its physical properties, caused by oxidation, so as to shorten its service life. Customers after use must be put in to avoid direct sunlight, under the condition of normal outdoor use, generally do not cause damage. Some enterprises procurement after sit idle for a long time, also don't know how to protect, every day is on the outside, wind, sun and rain for a long time, product in use is easy to break and brittle. Which are caused by long-term sun exposure, caused by Plastic collapsible crateinternal molecular structure is changed. So, plastic pallet manufacturers to introduce for you today summer use plastic tray.
1。 When we put the goods, we are best placed on average, so that you can avoid when lifting handling, appear CeWai circumstance.
2。 Use Plastic collapsible crateto carry the goods time, want to consider the size of the goods can satisfy the use of plastic pallets, to avoid inappropriate size and bad plastic tray.
3。 In the use of plastic tray, pay attention to the light to take light put, don't let the tray has the uneven situation, it is easy to damage the tray.
4。 If use plastic pallet stacking, take a look at how the tray on the bottom of the bearing capacity, if there is any damage, if any, to lose weight in a timely manner.

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