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How much impact will the Sino-US trade friction have on the plastic container industry? Professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-03
Recently, the domestic hot topic has been the Sino-US trade friction. How hot is it? You can get a general idea by looking at the popular national dramas that are broadcast on time at 7 o'clock every evening. What exactly has the Sino-US trade friction brought about? How big is the impact of trade friction on the plastic container industry? The editor believes that everything that exists is reasonable. The great drama performed by the American commander is fundamentally because it conforms to the fundamental interests of the capitalist consortium. Even though there may be great variables in the implementation process, the so-called unilateral policy of the United States is not an act that harms others and disadvantages oneself. Self-interest is a basic strategy. Judging from the current form, the plastic turnover box industry reflects varying degrees of curve fluctuations from the source materials. In terms of raw material prices, from the beginning of July to the end of August, the raw materials of some plastic turnover box industries have risen close to 1,000 yuan per ton. This is largely due to the domestic market regulation. Perhaps the plastic crates raw materials will continue to rise accordingly in a short time is caused by some panic, but in the long run, because China’s domestic polypropylene raw materials can meet self-sufficiency, Therefore, it can be predicted that the raw materials of plastic crates will gradually decline in the next October to December. For more information about the impact of Sino-US trade friction on the plastic crates industry, please visit Qusheng plastic box official website www.szxunsheng.com
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