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How should light plastic pallets and heavy plastic pallets be purchased?

by:Qusheng     2021-06-13

   When many people buy plastic pallets, because they do not choose the right pallet, it will always affect the normal use in the future. So choosing a suitable pallet is still very important, so let’s take a look, how should light-duty plastic pallets and heavy-duty plastic pallets be purchased? What is the difference?

  一. Plastic pallet

  The light plastic pallet is a very economical pallet. It is used in warehouses for higher purposes, but its carrying capacity is relatively weaker. It is generally more suitable for storing light For small goods, it will take longer to use. There are many types of plastic pallets, and everyone can choose according to their own circumstances when choosing.

  Second, heavy plastic pallets

  Heavy plastic pallets can carry up to 6 tons of goods, not only have good efficiency, but also can store some heavy items. The tray has many characteristics such as large load-bearing capacity, high adaptability, wide range of adaptability, high efficiency of selection and so on.

  3. How to purchase light and heavy plastic pallets

  Because light plastic pallets are suitable for some lighter goods, heavy duty trays are suitable for At that time, you need to choose according to the weight of the goods, so that you can choose a suitable pallet. Many people cannot achieve the normal use effect because the pallet chosen is not suitable.

  How to purchase light-duty plastic pallets and heavy-duty plastic pallets? What is the difference? You can learn some related knowledge by reading the above article. When choosing, you must go to some regular manufacturers to do Choose to avoid affecting future use.

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