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How strong is the load-bearing capacity of the hollow board turnover box? How many kilograms can it bear?

by:Qusheng     2021-06-15

Hollow board is a kind of highly versatile plastic board. It can be made into hollow board products with various functions and styles according to the specific needs of customers. So what is the bearing capacity of the hollow board turnover box? how much is it? Thinking about this question is what many friends want to ask.

Plastic box turnover box

1. The design of the hollow board turnover box is the same as the paper box, and the material is made of polyethylene resin, which is HDPE. In the whole process of manufacturing, adding a certain ingredient of calcium bicarbonate will make the box more resistant to impact and heat, and it can also expand its load-bearing capacity and make it The scope of application is becoming more and more common. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the hollow board box is more than 4mm, and the limit error will be more than 5mm. The fracture extension, vertical compression force, tearing force and tearing force are all different, and the size of the load-bearing capacity is also different. There will be a certain change with this data information change.

Hollow board turnover box

2. The better the load-bearing capacity of the shell, the heavier goods can be placed, but not vice versa. So after talking about the composition and various data information of so many plastic box turnover boxes, let people talk about the characteristics and functions of this type of box. Its appearance is very beautiful, and to a certain level, it can improve the quality of the goods inside and the selling point of the product. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It does not contain all chemical substances that are harmful to the body and the natural environment. It is generally used in heavy industrial equipment , Airline dashboards, high-end pharmaceuticals and auto parts and other manufacturing industries.

The hollow board turnover box is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene as raw material. It has strong moisture-proof, flame-retardant and anti-static effects, and because its surface is smooth and easy to color, Therefore, it can also be painted in various colors or pattern designs according to customer requirements, so that its quality and color, fragrance, and flavor can be improved as soon as possible. However, the advantage of the hollow board turnover box is its strong load-bearing capacity. In the case of producing and processing such boxes, the manufacturer will increase the load-bearing capacity of the back and side of the box according to the specific application requirements. Therefore, the hollow board turnover box with a large load-bearing capacity can better serve everyone. Project, as soon as possible the quality of the goods inside.

The load-bearing capacity of the hollow board turnover box is introduced to everyone in detail. In the case of buying hollow board boxes, you need to shop around first, and then choose a reliable one. Producers collaborate.

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