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How to better use plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
The loading and unloading method of the plastic crates 1. The method of side by side. This method is to take two turnover boxes in a string with a forklift. It is often used in occasions where a large forklift forks a small plastic crates. The disadvantage is that the load center of the forklift is too far forward, which reduces the load capacity of the forklift a lot, and the channel for right-angle stacking must be widened. 2. The upper and lower overlap method of plastic turnover boxes will stack lighter goods very high, and this method is often used when the maximum lifting height of the forklift is insufficient. Stack the turnover box into two layers on the ground, and then lift the turnover box from below. The disadvantage of this method is that the palletized goods are unstable, so it is not suitable for handling operations and can be dedicated to palletizing operations. 3. The method of juxtaposition of left and right plastic turnover boxes. This method is suitable for loading and unloading plastic turnover boxes with small width. In order to facilitate simultaneous fork removal of two plastic turnover boxes, the forklift used usually has four fork teeth. When using this method, as long as the two turnover boxes are neatly juxtaposed in advance, the operation will be more convenient in the future.
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