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How to choose a hollow board folding turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-06-07

How to choose the hollow board folding turnover box

Now the logistics industry is very developed, and the provinces and cities have basically reached the point of interoperability. Logistics must also require turnover, so the question is, when choosing logistics turnover, how to choose to save transportation costs, manpower, and material resources? It is necessary to start with the packaging industry. Now the domestic logistics industry, especially the hollow board folding turnover box is booming, and the products are also becoming diversified. How can many hollow board folding turnover boxes be selected to be of high quality and price? What about the discount? The following editor will explain to you.

First, the hollow board folding turnover box has good bearing capacity, will not cause deformation due to long-term storage, and has a certain toughness to prevent accidental impact from rupturing the box and damaging the product.

Second, it must have good physical and chemical properties, and will not deform the plastic folding turnover box due to the summer heat.

Three, in winter or low temperature environment, the plastic hollow board turnover box will not become brittle due to the extreme drop of the ambient temperature, so as to avoid damage.

Four, the folding turnover box must have good anti-aging performance, mainly to see whether it is made of pure polyethylene PP material, whether it has relevant national production qualifications and inspection certificates.

Fifth, no pollution. Some of the plastic folding turnover boxes will be used in the food processing industry. This industry needs turnover boxes to ensure that they are free of poison and odor. The country now has very strict requirements on the food industry.

Six. Corrosion resistance, the plastic hollow board folding turnover box should have good corrosion resistance, and it will not cause the deformation of the turnover box due to strong acid, strong alkali and other chemical liquids.

If you choose a hollow board folding box, you need to compare multiple ones. Qusheng Plastic is a professional manufacturer of hollow boards, with excellent staff and product advantages.

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