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How to choose a hollow board manufacturer

by:Qusheng     2021-06-16

How to choose a hollow board manufacturer?

Selecting a hollow board manufacturer is like choosing a good-looking clothes in a commercial street, but the nature is the same. In fact, it is quite different, and there are many factors to consider. So what are the specifics? Today I will share with you. We only need to look at the following points to choose a good hollow board manufacturer.

1. The price and quality of the hollow board.

There are many types of hollow board. For different types, its materials will be different, and the quality will be different. There must be a certain difference in the price. If the manufacturer, the price is definitely more affordable Some.

2. The size of the hollow board manufacturer

Go to the site to check the size of their manufacturer, plant, equipment, finished product warehouse, etc., so that we can have A clearer understanding.

3. Industry qualification of hollow board manufacturers

See if they have relevant industry qualifications, such as: business license, organization code certificate, ISO certification system, SGS test report, defense Static test report and so on.

4. Look at the early proofing and delivery time

After the inspection, let’s take a look at the proofing products of this manufacturer, and the delivery time. Okay. Hollow board manufacturers are very fast in production and delivery.

There are more and more hollow board manufacturers, and there are still relatively few who really think about customers and save costs for customers. Qusheng Company has always been thinking of customers based on the tenet of customer first. I believe that your choice of Qusheng Plastic will be your right move.

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