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How to choose a professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes in the food industry

by:Qusheng     2021-03-04
Turnover box, as the name suggests, is a box that can be recycled. It is mainly used in the transportation and packaging industry. It is widely loved in today's rapidly developing logistics industry because it is convenient, has no peculiar smell, can be recycled, and is pressure resistant. Even in the food industry, it is widely used. Although the food industry has very high requirements for packaging and must meet food grade, the turnover box can reach it. Nowadays, all food industries are required to use turnover boxes for transportation and storage in the world. The food turnover box is made of plastic materials through a special process, which can fully meet the national requirements for food packaging, is suitable for long-distance and short-distance transportation, and can be reused, and can be stacked steadily, without the need to wait like packaging. Etc., all food commodities can be stored and transported using turnover boxes. The turnover box can achieve five poisons and no peculiar smell, especially the food-grade turnover box can be tasteless, moisture-proof and durable. In the catering industry, it can also achieve boiling water washing in the turnover box, and can also be frozen and stored, and is resistant to falling The pressure tightness is also particularly good.
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