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How to choose plastic containers and molds?

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
As for the plastic crates, since it is one of the website products and keywords, the knowledge and understanding of it must at least be specific. So let's follow the folding turnover box manufacturer to learn and understand it, so that we can benefit a lot and accelerate the learning speed of the product. 1. What kind of material is the plastic turnover box? In addition, what methods can be used to purchase? The plastic turnover box is generally made of co-polypropylene and polyethylene in terms of material, and this kind of synthetic material has the characteristics of light weight and long service life. This kind of turnover box purchase method can be purchased in a physical store or online. 2. Are there different requirements for turnover boxes in different industries? In addition, which series are suitable for holding fruits and vegetables? Different industries have different requirements for plastic turnover boxes. Therefore, at this point, everyone should have a clear and correct understanding, and there can be no mistakes. As for the plastic turnover boxes suitable for storing fruits and vegetables, they are the A series and C2 series in the SHG turnover boxes. 3. What materials are used to make plastic crates and pallets? In addition, generally speaking, what is the price of the mold used in the plastic turnover box? The raw materials used for plastic turnover boxes and pallets are generally PP1120 and HDPE2911. The price of the mold used in the turnover box is mainly determined by the shape and size of the box, and whether there are many perforations. However, in general, the price range is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The above questions are all about plastic turnover boxes, so specific answers will be given. At the same time, logistics turnover box manufacturers also hope that everyone can learn in time to master them and apply the knowledge they have learned to practical work. For one thing, you can benefit yourself and at the same time improve the effect of the product.
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