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How to choose plastic turnover box reasonably?

by:Qusheng     2021-06-04

When choosing plastic turnover box products, we must choose plastic turnover boxes reasonably based on the requirements of the actual use of customers, and on the basis of extensive understanding of the different properties and use methods of plastic crates products, in order to make use of plastic turnover. The function of the box.

 A high-performance plastic crates can reduce various losses due to harsh use environments, and can save storage and management costs. When choosing a plastic crates, it is necessary to understand the cost-effectiveness of the plastic turnover box. At the same time, you should also consider the service life and materials of the plastic turnover box. In addition, you must clarify what type of plastic turnover box you need. According to the packaging requirements of the industry and environment of the turnover box, it is mainly divided into: ordinary turnover box, anti-static, conductive turnover box, and flame-retardant turnover box. At the same time, you should choose the turnover box reasonably according to your application, transportation, storage, bearing capacity and other aspects.

1. Ordinary turnover box: add side strips around the corners, so that the box body is more stressed, firmer, convenient to overlap, and save space ; The box can also be opened with an oblique opening for easy access to deposit items.

2. Turnover box with lid: It can better protect the product and play a role of dustproof. Customers can choose hollow plate lid or mesh cover cloth.

3. Reinforced turnover box: The four bottoms, four corners and height sides of the box are all made of aluminum or plastic edge protection to provide a more comprehensive protection for the items placed ; Overlapping force is stronger.

4. Flap-type turnover box: The box body adopts a carton-shaped design, the cover can be used with Velcro, the bottom of the box is folded and cross-designed, after folding, it takes up very little space and is light. , Convenient storage and transportation.

5. Protective turnover box: The box and the internal knife card can be pasted with EVA, pearl cotton, flannel, etc., which can better protect the surface of the product from scratches.

6. Folding turnover box: The bottom and upper bend of the box adopt a folding design, so that the box can be folded and stored, occupying a small space, and being flexible and convenient for transportation and storage. Add side bars and movable corners around the box to make the box stronger and firmer.

 In the future, no matter which plastic container you choose, it should be decided according to the corresponding handling equipment, storage and status.

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