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How to classify plastic turnover box?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
Plastic turnover box is often used in the logistics. Do you know the plastic turnover box? Plastic turnover box belongs to the packaging and plastic materials. Plastic turnover box is made of plastic logistics box and operating box. So, how to categorize plastic turnover box?

in the first place, according to the shape of the plastic turnover box, can be divided into two parts.

  1。 Plastic turnover box, this type of logistics turnover box is one of the most common can be piled up in the turnover box, regardless of the form a complete set of lid or not.

it affects two or more flexible stack of boxes.

  2。 Staggered type plastic turnover box is a combination of standard logistics box and insert the advantages of logistics box. It not only can realize multiple box flexible stack, you can also in the case of don't need other auxiliary parts nesting and stack to realize empty box. At the same time can also reduce the storage and logistics cost of empty containers.

  3。 Slanting insert plastic turnover box ( When the stack can be used with concave clamshell) , its characteristic is empty to reduce capacity, facilitate logistics turnover cost back and forth. Note that in two or more than two boxes stacked up and down, must be used at the same time the lid of the match in order to realize the stack.

  4。 Folding plastic turnover box is made up of several parts, and empty when folding. This box is not finished, save a space so it was very convenient.

2. : plastic turnover box cover to cover.

3. Plastic box according to performance: logistics can be divided into the antistatic box and the electrostatic logistics box.

4. Plastic turnover box materials: choose high impact strength HDPE ( Low voltage high density polyethylene) And P P ( Polypropylene) As a injection molding materials.

in this paper, by the plastic turnover box, this view does not represent the views.
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