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How to clean and disinfect the hollow crate

by:Qusheng     2021-06-09

Hollow board turnover boxes are widely used in turnover transportation, and most of them are used for product packaging and turnover. The hollow board turnover box will always have a lot of collisions and frictions during use. There is also human destruction. This leads to a shortened service life, which in turn leads to an increase in the cost of the enterprise. Therefore, when we use the turnover box, we also need to maintain it. To know how to use the hollow board turnover box correctly, the following editor will share with you.

1. Dip the rag with detergent, clean the corners, clasps and bottom of the hollow crate, and clean them.

2. Dip the rag with detergent and clean The flat part of the hollow crate should be cleaned.

3. Clean the hollow crate with water three times, immerse the turnover box in water, wipe it with a rag, and then dry it naturally.

4. Use disinfectant. After the sterilization of the hollow board packaging is completed, place it in the container cleaning room for natural drying

The cleaning and disinfection of the hollow board turnover box is also to protect the hollow board turnover box, because Long-term uncleaning may cause the rot of the hollow board turnover box. Therefore, regular cleaning is required.

When we use the hollow board turnover box, we try to handle it gently. If the item is heavy, many people will lift it.

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