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How to clean the anti-static turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
When using a plastic collapsible box, because it has to carry a variety of different items, it may become dirty after a long time. At this time, we want to clean it, so there should be some correct methods, and at the same time It is necessary to pay attention to the relevant situation, so that it can be cleaned more cleanly, to ensure that better applications in the future, the manufacturer of the turnover box will come to give you a further explanation, how to clean it, and what is the correct method? In the process of cleaning plastic collapsible boxes, we must have the correct method, otherwise it will not only fail to achieve the purpose of cleaning, but will also cause damage to the product itself. In fact, in the process of cleaning, a better method is Directly aim the Plastic collapsible cratewith a clean water pipe, and then rinse it. You only need to clean it properly with clean water once, because the stains on the common things are easier to clean, relatively speaking, it will be easier, we use a little water It will be clean after cleaning. If there are some things on the plastic collapsible box that are difficult to wash, we can choose sodium hydroxide to dilute it, and then soak it appropriately, and then you can wipe it directly with a rag. The whole process will be very convenient, of course. For these problems, do not use those steel balls or hard things to scrub, because these hard things will cause some scratches on the surface, and the service life will be affected during the subsequent use, and in the future The cleaning process will also be very unsmooth. There are a lot of small square holes in the product. Some people find it more troublesome to clean. If it is dirty, we will use a soft brush to brush. Use some mild water to clean. It will become easier, and the plastic pallet is also an important aspect of daily maintenance during the cleaning process. We usually need to do it in place when working, and we must ensure the effect of the entire cleaning process. Friends who need plastic foldable box products, please note. Our logistics turnover box manufacturers produce all kinds of plastic products (pallets, turnover baskets, turnover boxes, logistics boxes, plastic foldable boxes, square plates, parts boxes, etc.). Friends in need can contact our company's business department!
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