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How to compare the light transmission of plastic hollow boards

by:Qusheng     2021-06-08

How does the light transmission of plastic hollow boards compare?

Let’s explain to you Guangzhou Qusheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Ordinary plastic hollow board is opaque, but there is a brand new white hollow board, which is very transparent and very beautiful when viewed under the sun in a semi-transparent or fully transparent state. Its quality is also good. The price is also more expensive. Therefore, the state of the plastic hollow board is different in different colors and different proportions.

1. The relationship between the color difference of the hollow board and the light transmission

The hollow board has various colors, and the commonly used four color deviation values u200bu200bof black, white, gray and blue Smaller, and other colors such as red, yellow, green, orange have higher requirements on the color matching technology of the manufacturer, and the colors produced by different manufacturers are also different, so if there is no special requirement when buying, try your best It is safer to choose regular colors.
2. The relationship between the addition of hollow board raw materials and light transmission

The performance of new materials is higher than that of recycled materials. The raw materials of plastic hollow boards are analyzed. Can be divided into new materials and recycled materials, the price is obviously more expensive than ordinary materials. In order to survive, small-scale manufacturers in the department have repeatedly reduced prices, desperately adding recycled materials, and some even used all recycled materials to produce, resulting in uneven quality of hollow boards; it seems that the price is very low and very cheap. There may be serious quality problems, resulting in a very short service life of the hollow board itself.

Therefore, the color, state, and ratio of the plastic hollow board are also the embodiment of product quality. Users can choose the right hollow according to their needs. Board products do not have to be completely transparent.

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