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How to correctly choose and buy plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
Plastic pallet size selected: use plastic pallet, according to the requirements of the project is different, the chosen specifications will be different. 1, first consider the goods and packaging specifications in plastic pallet is put on the way. 2, taking into account the pallet loading tools ( Such as containers, trucks, etc. ) 。 For example, if it is disposable, priority for integration of shipping container width 2300 mm, for 1100 * 1100 mm tray with 1100 mm width, put two columns, to take the fork or 4 and 2 into the fork can be; For the 1200 * 1000 mm tray, need long combination of 1200 mm and 1000 mm wide, must choose to 4 into the fork. 3, such as in warehouse shelves use, want to consider the width and thickness size of shelves, usually put two pieces of tray selection type shelves on each floor, and about 200 mm apart access activity space. Try to give big size in depth direction, do not produce the plastic pallet load capacity required, to save procurement costs. 4, choose the size of the Plastic collapsible crateto consider, too general, the size of the commonly used at home and abroad, to 1210 international standard, 1208 European standard and 1111 Japanese standard pallets. Single-sided and double-sided choice: 1, can be used for only a single plastic tray, the surface has two kinds of reticular peace slab, bottom of sichuan and font, field type fonts and nine party shoes, according to the different points of light series, standard series of load and overload series three standard. Double-sided Plastic collapsible crateto tray structure on both sides of the same, on the surface of a grid plate peace two, both sides can exchange use, according to the different points of load series and overloading series two kinds of standards. Choose one tray or double tray, should according to the corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling equipment and state ( Such as the type library, the types of shelves, stacking or place state, etc. ) Sure. 2, to cover an area of an area small automatic three-dimensional library or a high shelf, mainly stacker or electric lift trucks in the vertical transport of occasions, double-sided overloaded tray and single standard series tray can choose. If the load on the shelf to reach a ton, and shelf no ceiling or put aside, overloading series tray must be followed. 3, for covering an area of big and predominantly horizontal transportation situation, if use manual hydraulic pallet truck carrying suited to choose single pallets. If use electric forklift is one-sided tray and tray are suitable. For stacking goods, that is, the bottom of the tray above and below the goods collocated, with double tray type or field words at the end of the single tray is better. If your mobile is available pallet truck is suitable for handling with nine no connection of the party at the bottom of the legs on single tray type.
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