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How to correctly choose hollow crate

by:Qusheng     2021-06-07

How to choose the hollow crate correctly?

The hollow plate turnover box formed by the hollow plate processing has the advantages of convenient transportation, space saving, and many turnover times. Then customers often do not know what they are wrong when choosing hollow board boxes, and it is difficult to make a choice. Now the hollow board turnover box has been widely used, and it is very popular in all walks of life. As the basic tool of the transportation industry, hollow crate, how should we choose when choosing hollow crate? Here is Qu Sheng Plastics to introduce you:

1. When purchasing hollow board boxes, choose the right size first, so as to meet the requirements of placement. The hollow board boxes have a very large size. The advantage is that it can be customized according to customer needs. The mold cost requirement is very small, basically negligible.

2. When choosing a hollow board box, you can choose according to the use of the industry: anti-static, conductive, flame-retardant, food-grade special, high temperature resistance, and conventional materials. This is based on the customer's own The conditions, as well as the product needs to be selected.

3. Choose a regular manufacturer, with guaranteed quality, anti-static turnover box, and the price is relatively affordable, which can avoid some waste. Here we recommend Qusheng plastic products manufacturers .

The hollow board box has a long service life, waterproof, pressure-proof, pcb board anti-static turnover box factory, impact resistance, beautiful appearance, low price and environmental protection. Various colors, specifications and sizes can be produced according to customer requirements! Welcome everyone to call to discuss business and work together!

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