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How to differentiate between plastic tray of old and new material

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
How to differentiate between plastic tray of old and new material in recent years, the international influence on the development of the warehouse, which stimulates the development of the domestic warehousing logistics industry gradually, shelf industry also gradually have their own development path, at the same time, with the development of the shelf industry in logistics warehousing industry, the tray is essential, especially the Plastic collapsible crateis an integral part of logistics equipment. But in the production of plastic tray some manufacturers in order to save costs, the old tray, lead to many enterprises, cnpalletbox below us. Com plastic tray is to analyze the difference between old and new tray: 1, self-respect, plastic tray is needed raw materials, is the most important, is also a regular customer in a short period of time is the most difficult to understand, this way I don't, because is more complex, interested friends can call you to discuss. cnpalletbox。 Com the simplest method is to ask tray plastic tray itself has multiple, obtained the basic price also is very simple. 2, product brands, specific to the value of the brand in the industry is, whether the mature production technology, sophisticated, product performance is stable, the credibility of manufacturer, product after-sales service value. 3, market optional degree, whether normal product to the market, whether have more can all be provided by the supplier. 4, the bearing capacity: very good understanding, is the technical parameters of tray can achieve. Generally we are asking the customer is asking how much is the dynamic load ( Static load are basically no problem) A product of the dynamic load is 500 kg, 1000 kg, 1500 kg, 2000 kg, their prices are very different. 5, new material of plastic tray: not a single refers to the new production of plastic tray, is pure raw material to produce the plastic tray ( Don't add back material) 。 Is the easiest way to identify color beautiful, is pure raw material to produce gloss good, and mixed with the reworked material plastic tray color dim and dull. pricing standard: plastic tray bearing capacity, weight, production process and after-sales service. 6, production process, mainly is the requirement of mould, whether for precision degree is high, the mould cost is high, and some improvements in the late, whether to have prevent slippery piece, whether to have prevent slippery, and so on. Thus, the distinction between the plastic tray or have a certain skill to speak of, as long as good attention to detail, cnpalletbox. Com plastic tray in the process of purchasing won't because of lack of experience and bought bad tray.
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