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How to effectively improve the accuracy of hollow board

by:Qusheng     2021-06-07

How to effectively improve the accuracy of hollow board

The quality of hollow board products requires practice, continuous innovation, and high production technology to make products better. Hollow boards need to strictly control the quality during production, and every small error will have a great impact on product quality. For example, a dimensional tolerance problem occurs during the production of hollow boards. This is a difficult problem during production, but failure to do a good job will seriously affect product quality. Therefore, hollow board manufacturers need to find a good solution. Let's take a look at what the editor said.

1. The hollow board factory strictly inspects and categorizes the produced plates, and try to use the same thickness as the blank;

2, the secondary processing of the plastic hollow board, the first The hollow board is cut with a paper cutter.

3. Under the premise of not affecting the strength, sandwich one to several relatively large compressed wood veneers in order to reduce the bamboo fragments. The thickness tolerance of the hollow board;

Some customers have very strict requirements on the size of the hollow board. We must make it according to the customer’s requirements. We must not increase the error of the product because of the omission of some processes. . Qusheng Plastics has precise deep processing equipment, which can perfectly control the size of the product. Looking forward to your visit.

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