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How to extend the use times of hollow board turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-06-07

Each product has a service life after it is manufactured. The hollow board turnover box is the same, and the correct use can extend the number of times of use. How to extend the use of the hollow board turnover box correctly? Next, Qu Sheng Plastic will tell you the following points.

1. When using the hollow board turnover box, please handle it with care.

Second, the turnover box should try to avoid bumps during the turnover process, so as to avoid damage to the hollow board turnover box.

Three, clean the dirt and other sundries inside in time to prevent oxidation.

Four. Place the product according to the requirements to avoid being overweight and squeezing the turnover box.

The above points are the conclusions drawn by Qu Sheng based on a long-term summary, and I hope to help everyone.

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