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How to identify the quality of the plastic tray?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
How to identify the quality of the plastic tray? Now is a great variety of plastic tray, style of. As an ordinary consumer, how can we identify the product of manufacturer of plastic pallet quality? Look and feel we can use a hand to touch the edge of the plastic tray, generally smooth and the quality of the products is better. If the touch products is coarser, plastic pallet manufacturers of mould is not pass, the product quality is not good. is not as smooth as possible, of course, some plastic tray in order to improve the friction, often do some rough. Second, the smell of products we can put the product on muzzle smell smell, if the plastic is strong, the use of raw materials is bad; If only a faint smell of plastic, the use of plastic raw material quality is better. If the product is more pungent, before use must be put in ventilated place spread a period of time, to make it taste some, reduce the harm to human body. Three, look to whether have plastic products have a lot of impurities, such as pallet, preservation box, lunch box, etc. Some small impurities will affect the appearance of the product, which affect our sales. We can observe the plastic products have impurities, if there are impurities that product quality is bad. All these points above are the manufacturer of Plastic collapsible cratepractical identify the experience of Plastic collapsible crateproducts good or bad, I hope it can help you.
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