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How to judge whether the material of the anti-static turnover box is brand new

by:Qusheng     2021-03-06
The continuous development of technology has indeed made good progress in all aspects, and it can also bring us better products. However, some people are opportunistic in this process. They use some old materials and then produce plastics. Foldable boxes, if you are not a professional and did not choose a good manufacturer like large-scale blister product wholesale, it is very likely that you will buy products of insufficient quality, which will inevitably affect the subsequent use. If we really want to choose products, how do we judge whether these products are brand new? To choose a product and want to know whether it is produced using new materials, we can look at the color. Through the observation of the color, it will actually help us a lot in our judgment, because those brand-new materials , The specific gloss will be better, and it will also have very good transparency. If some other materials are added to this raw material, then you will see that there are actually some other dark spots on it, and the color It is not particularly normal, so we should fully understand these aspects when making choices. To further understand the materials of plastic foldable boxes, we should look at the manufacturer's situation and understand some quality inspection reports of their products if we want to judge whether they are brand new. After various products are produced, relevant national departments will inspect them. This is especially true for products produced by a regular manufacturer. So we can look at the quality inspection report. This is also a basis for your judgment. The turnover box manufacturer reminds that if the manufacturer does not have a test report for these aspects, in many cases, it may indicate that the product has some problems. The plastic foldable boxes produced by brand new materials will be better in quality, stronger in strength, and will be used for longer in the future, but if we use some waste materials to add them, it will not only affect the appearance These aesthetic conditions, and when used in the future, will also affect its own service life.
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