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How to maintain plastic turnover box to extend service life

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
With the development of the transportation industry, the demand for plastic turnover boxes is expanding. However, in order to better maintain the plastic turnover boxes and make the best use of them, what should be done? 1. Do not expose the plastic crates to the sun for a long time to avoid premature aging of the plastic and shorten the service life. 2. Reasonably stack the goods in plastic turnover boxes, do not throw them at high places, and do not stack them together. 3. Don't be overweight when stacking plastic containers. 4. Be careful when handling plastic crates with forklifts or manual hydraulic trucks. Do not hit the pallet to indirectly damage the plastic crates. 5. Be sure to handle the plastic crates with care when transporting them, to avoid rupture of the crates due to violent impact. In summary, it can be seen that there are many details in the maintenance of plastic turnover boxes, so the maintenance should be careful.
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