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How to prolong the service life of turnover basket

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
How to prolong the service life of turnover basket 1 plastic crate, environmental factors should be used in the airtight environment as far as possible, such as workshop, warehouse, supermarket and so on, plastic pallet manufacturers to avoid in the open air, in as much as possible, not in the sun insolates, the wind and the rain. 2, human factors in the process of actual use, not sparing plastic crate, littering, breaking or violence, etc. , will shorten the service life of the plastic crate. 3, quality factor if buy plastic crate quality closes nevertheless, use fixed number of year of decreases. The quality of the plastic pallet manufacturers here mainly refers to two aspects of material and structure. Such as: a new PP material is used, whether the plastic crate is made; B, the structure of the design is reasonable. The unreasonable structural design, has much effect on the bearing. Once the quality problems, will not be able to guarantee service life. 4, using the method to use undeserved also can reduce the service life of the plastic crate. Plastic pallet manufacturers such as a plastic crate, only 10 kg weight 30 kg weight, you have to put two times that may not have what problem, will shorten the service life of the past for a long time. Plastic crate and people will not be able to long-term use of overload.
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