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How to remove burrs on the plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
On the surface of the Plastic collapsible cratethat use for a long time, probably because of frequent appear some burr. Though because most plastic pallet and cargo contact, need not too concerned about the smoothness of surface, but the influence is beautiful, so what are the methods to remove the burr.

burr type: 1, flip burr

flip burr is one of the most common type of burr. It is basically a bend rather than shear chip, lead to the larger burr. This type of burr, also known as the exit burr, because it is usually at the end of the surface milling cutting formation.
2, tear burr
tears the burr is due to the workpiece material rather than shear.
3, cutting burr
the burr is the separation of cutting material workpiece when dropped from blank left until the completion of projection.
4, poisson MAO
poisson burr is due to the expansion of the material during the compression in the side tend to lead to permanent deformation.

although there are many types of burring type of deburring process, but the following description of those special for plastic materials.
1, manual deburring
manual deburring is the most common type of deburring, because it has a maximum flexibility. Used for manual deburring tool costs are generally lower. Manual deburring allow instant check and produce the best quality, and won't impose is processing of materials. Manual deburring is typically used for plastic and metal and other materials. The negative aspects of this process is the cost of the maintenance staff, and the possibility of human error.
2, hair removal at low temperature and dandruff
low temperature chip removal and deburring is used to remove flash from injection molding parts and machining parts of one of the most effective and cheap process. Using liquid nitrogen, the temperature of the components will be reduced to allow material brittle. Then, using the low temperature in addition to the chip machine, flash and burr can easy to remove, and will not change the parts finish. The process can be done in a variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, silicone and light metal die casting. Rubber and plastic parts after the trash at low temperature to eliminate the mold parting found on the molding of unnecessary residual mold flash. Flash memory area are usually located in mould together or separate, when liquid die material in the process of production to escape from the cavity. Low temperature degradation or damage to the trash doesn't make the parts. Only the flash is cleared, the shape of the parts is retained. Completely remove flash edge sharp, sag area. Plastics can be eliminated accurately.

3, mechanical hair removing it is a mechanical polishing or grinding process of manufacturing parts. It can be used on the PVC material, when to remove by hand will not produce a smooth finish. This process can be time-consuming, and does not guarantee the quality of the finish.

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