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How to retain the inquiring customers of hollow board

by:Qusheng     2021-06-07

It is an enterprise that produces hollow boards, and often receives inquiries from customers. In many cases, there is no subsequent text as soon as the inquiry is made, so how do we change the targeted customer quotation? How to effectively retain customers? Qu Sheng Plastics will give you a brief description of the matters that should be paid attention to. When we received a customer's inquiry call, many customers did not understand the hollow board. Since hollow board is a new type of packaging material, many outsiders do not understand the material. If the business has a good quotation, it can not only retain customers, but also save packaging costs for customers.

When a customer asks you for a quotation, you must first understand in advance what specifications and uses he needs. I have probably summarized the following points.

1. Is the hollow board purchased back for use by our own company or for trade?

2. Know the thickness of the customer’s plastic hollow board;

3. Know the color of the customer’s hollow board;

4. The purpose of the hollow board, and what kind of look is it suitable for customers.

5. The specifications of the hollow board, whether there are positive and negative tolerances for the product, and so on.

Only by targeting customers to solve their hollow board needs, can we quote the customer's price more appropriately. Qusheng Plastics is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hollow boards. If you need hollow boards, you can visit our company website www.cnpalletbox.com

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