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How to stack the logistics boxes according to different items

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
When the logistics box is in use, it is impossible to spread all the boxes there, because it will take up a large area and it is also very unfavorable for management. Therefore, it is necessary to have the correct stacking method, and there are many People have just entered this industry, but they don’t actually understand it or they don’t understand it deeply enough, so the immediate method will be wrong. Now large wholesale manufacturers of blister products are here to teach you some better methods, how do you code? What are the better ways to put it? When stacking these boxes, we have to consider the goods inside. If there are high-strength goods, including metal containers, various things, we can use single-layer or multi-layer staggered storage of these things. In order to avoid unnecessary damage to the product itself, it is necessary to use some stretch or shrink film and do the necessary packaging work. Careful management work will play a good role in our next use. If there are fiber items in the logistics box, we can use the cross-sealing method when we stack them. This stacking method can save more space and can also play a better role, so we For the stacking method of items, these specific conditions must be noted. The material of this kind of item itself is not the same, so Mafang’s method must pay special attention. Do not stack all the wooden barrels in the same way, otherwise it will affect some future usage. Use the correct method to get the items in the logistics box right away. There are some differences in the situation of each item, so the plastic crates manufacturers remind us that we need to pay attention to all aspects in the process of Malaysia. If we can consider these aspects Then I believe that the corresponding effect can be achieved during the entire use process, otherwise it may cause some unnecessary effects on the product itself.
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