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How to train to customer relationship for a long time?

by:Qusheng     2021-03-09
How to train to customer relationship for a long time? Don't become intimate too fast. But to follow these steps to. Strong customer relationship is the key to establish any business or career. Below is a revolving basket according to the arrangement of the contents of that talk about how to establish a long - — Is not the sort of cheap customer relationship a simple eight steps: 1. More important relationships rather than sales. This means that the customer's interest in front of you, even if it means you will lose this business. 2. Don't act too close too fast. For customer this person you are interested, to further the relationship between each other naturally. 3. Find out what customers like, what they want and what you need. The practice of trying to sell before an in-depth conversation will tell the customer you don't care about them. 4. Help customers to get these things. This is the core of sales. Remember: sales is never about what do you like, want or need. 5. Don't try to go as a hero. Customer does not want to, you will deliver them from their mistakes. They hope to help you, so that they can be a hero! 6. Don't importune forever. When you track sales opportunities to think about for a long time relationship, rather than at the end of the sales figures. 7. Well, ok. If you did not do well in your field, then figure out how to do it well. If your company is not good, then go find a better company, or open a better company. 8. Always easy to do better. To provide perfect after sales service is at the very least. To the relationship between each other, you have to do more. Comply with the above eight rule, you will be able to and customer set up to maintain the relationship for many years, regardless of the current events good or bad, the relationship between each other.
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