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How to understand the inspection-free environmental protection plastic card board

by:Qusheng     2021-03-06
Inspection-free pallets are divided into many types, including: steel structure pallets, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, etc. series of pallets. Among them, the plastic pallets have corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, good load-bearing performance, and superior use performance, which can replace pallets of other materials in the market. So, how much do you know about the little knowledge points? Take a look at the analysis below. The inspection-free card of the turnover box manufacturer is safe and convenient to use, flexible and widely used, which is recognized by everyone. The colors of plastic pallets are generally divided into blue, green, red, black, and yellow. Generally, the normal black plastic pallets are made of recycled materials, and the imported black plastic pallets are generally made of new pp materials.  Blue, green, red, black, and yellow are generally made of domestic brand new pp materials and domestic brand new pe materials. How many people understand the main points of different color cards?  It is undeniable that many suppliers on the market now sell black recycled plastic pallets as brand new pallets.  The inspection-free card board has a direct relationship with the storage racks, transported products, containers, transportation vehicles, unloading platforms and handling facilities. Therefore, the size of the inspection-free card board is the basic point to consider the size of other logistics equipment.  Industry personnel believe that the use of uniform inspection-free plastic pallets and standardization of inspection-free pallets is a prerequisite for consistent operation of plastic pallets and a unified standard that must be implemented. For those who need plastic pallet products, please note that Qusheng Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Plastics No. 1 Factory) was established in 1956. It is a well-known enterprise in the industry specializing in the production of logistics packaging equipment. It has accumulated more than 60 years of professional and technical experience in plastic processing and has the right to import and export. It ranks among the forefront of China's plastic processing enterprises announced by the National Bureau of Statistics. The company has nearly 220 employees. The factory covers an area of u200bu200b20,000 square meters. The logistics turnover box company is located in Shanghai Industrial Park.
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