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If through the appearance to judge the quality of the plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
Qusheng plastic in the context of 'the appearance of the plastic tray to distinguish different requirements for the appearance of the plastic tray is described, when purchasing first see is the appearance, if not appearance, others also won't someone want to know.
the appearance of the plastic pallet inspection standards, can be judged from the five aspects:

integrity appearance view the presence of fracture;
colour and lustre is uniform
a high-quality Plastic collapsible cratecolour and lustre is uniform, if plastic tray color difference is very big, may be in the process of production raw materials mixing unevenly, use the possible damage caused by uneven tray

the exterior deformation degrees plastic products in general more or less will be a little deformation, if deformation degree does not affect the use, even if qualified. If there is a flash

the flash of a tray too much, that process is not complete, although does not affect the use effect, but from beautiful degree is a big discount. Design is reasonable

field glyph tray or sichuan type tray intermediate buffer slope for manual forklift into the fork, if there is a non-slip mat and so on.
plastic tray appearance examination is relatively easy, as long as a little bit careful. And that can be viewed. Although appearance is not the only standard, the quality of plastic tray but if even the appearance of a plastic pallet manufacturers do bad, how can let other people trust?

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